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What is MNP (Mobile Number Portability)?


MNP or mobile number portability, allows you to switch your mobile phone operator from one mobile phone network provider to another mobile phone provider and keep your existing mobile phone number... Yes, you can keep your existing mobile phone number. This also applies if you are crossing states across the country (moving Telecom Circles). You can switch your mobile phone operator or stay with the same operator in another state. This will prevent you from incurring roaming charges. The process is termed MNP or mobile number portability. It's quick and very easy to do - follow the instructions above for full details on how to transfer (port) your mobile phone number to a new mobile phone network provider.

MNP became available in India from 01 January 2011, however, the national rollout of MNP across all States and Telecom Circles occurred on 3rd July 2015.


MNP Process

« From your mobile number send a Port Out request to your current operator by typing " < Port > < space> < mobile number >" to 1900.
   (charges as per your current operator SMS rate)

« You will receive an SMS from 1901 with a Unique Port Code (UPC). This is valid for 15 days and will enable us to switch your number.

« documentation process like filling a Customer Application
    Form (CAF). Please note you will need to submit the usual required documents ie Proof of Address, Proof of Identity, & a photograph.

« He will issue you a new SIM card.

« The telecom operator will do a profile verification process as per the norms of TRAI

« and number  will port within 2days in circle to circle

« inter circle number will port within 4 days